The Program

Endline boys club teams are designed to provide a competitive level of play for boys in Junior High and High School.

The Schedule

The complete boys club season follows this schedule:

  1. Open Gyms in July (depends on gym availability)
  2. Tryouts in Early August (beginning of the "Fall Season")
  3. NCVA Power League schedule (September - December)
  4. One or two tournaments in January, including possibly one qualifier.
  5. Break, for boys high school and end of the "Fall Season" (NOTE that the club season is not concluded; teams resume training in mid-May after the high school season is concluded)
  6. Resumption of practices from Mid-May through June (beginning of the "Summer Season")
  7. Boys JNC in early July, with possibly one tournament in June.

Note that not all boys teams will play the complete schedule; see "2017-2018 Teams" below for more information about the proposed schedule for this year's team.

  • What is a Qualifier? There are two levels of play at BJNC, Open and Club. In order to play in Open, you must earn a bid through any National Qualifier. Teams that do not earn a bid, or do not even participate in any qualifiers, are able to play in the Club division.
  • What is the BJNC? The Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC) marks the conclusion of the boys indoor season and is organized by USA Volleyball. Teams from all over the country compete in a four-day tournament, held annually in a different city each year. For 2017, the tournament will be held in Columbus, OH.

The Commitment

In addition to the tournaments outlined above, all teams will practice twice per week; one weeknight and one weekend, and sometimes a third time per week as the schedule and facilities allow.

The Financial Commitment

The finals numbers for each season vary, but a tentative estimate for the cost of the 2017-2018 season is $1500 for the entire season (August through December). This number can move up or down depending on an individual team basis depending on the makeup of each specific team. This fee covers the non-negotiable items like league and tournament registration, apparel, facility rental, and coaches salaries. It does NOT cover any travel expenses or any NCVA registration fees.

All players will receive two jerseys, two practice tee shirts, jacket, pants, shorts, and backpack.

Timeline of Events

See our annual event timeline to get a summary of when things are happening.

2017-2018 Teams

We are planning on fielding a 14-under team for the 2017-2018 season; this team will only play the Fall Season, meaning the six NCVA league tournaments (September - December). The head coach for this team will be Kevin Hwang. The team will not play any tournaments after the

NCVA league season is concluded in mid-December.

How do I Join?

We encourage anyone interested in being a part of our program to attend our Youth Boys Summer Camp and also our open gyms and meet the staff and potential teammates. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and make sure that we are a good fit for you. See our calendar for the latest boys open gym schedule.

To be selected for a team, you must participate in our tryout process. Tryouts for the 2017 season will be held at Mission San Jose High School. See our boys tryout registration page for all the information.

 If you are unable to attend a scheduled tryout session, contact a club director immediately for further instructions.

I'm Accepting my Offer to Play. What Next?

Congratulations! More information will be posted soon...

Boys Club Volleyball Information